Wildlife Animal Removal Services Overview

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Animal Removal Services Overview

When considering Wildlife Animal removal services, it is important to choose an experienced and reliable pest control specialist. We would never suggest a “DIY” animal removal, especially with dangerous and potentially lethal invaders. At Bugg Busters, we have experience removing a multitude of wildlife including, but not limited to: Armadillos, Bats, Birds, Gators, Groundhogs, Mice, Possums, Skunks, Snakes, and Squirrels.


Armadillos are often found on property burrowing into the ground under a shed, a garage, or even the house. They do this normally looking for insects, but it serves a double purpose to hide from predators like you. The best deterrent for an armadillo is a strong durable fence that goes into the ground. Another natural deterrent is spreading cayenne pepper on the ground. Taking a sniff of that pepper will send the armadillo running for the hills.

Armadillo Bait of Choice: Earthworms and Insects


Bats are normally found in attics within homes. They squeeze into gaps around the roof and towards the top of the house. They can fit through a hole about the size of a dime and push past rotting shingles. Another spot bats can enter your home is through a vent or the chimney. We recommend calling a wildlife animal removal services specialist once you identify the gap as you will need to plug all holes once the bats leave. It is really important to vacuum up all the nasty dust they leave behind.


Sometimes birds get into the house through open windows or doors, but once they’re in… they’re hard to get out. Birds are extremely persistent and most of the time require an expert if they will not leave on their own. Professionals like us have special one way door traps that will catch the bird without harming it.


Please just call us. Why do we even need to write this?


If you didn’t see our extensive write-up on catching a groundhog, you can read it here. They’re very similar to the armadillos, in the way that they will burrow under your shed, garage, or house. The groundhogs can be a little trickier to trap as they will not go near anything that smells like a human. That means you have to wash down any trap with scentless soap before placing it.

Groundhog Bait of Choice: Cantaloupe


If you want to know the best way to get rid of mice, it’s to simply get a cat. If you are allergic to cats or you’re more of a dog person, you will have to eliminate any and all entry points to your house. This can be extremely difficult due to the fact that mice can squeeze through virtually any opening. Another option you have with mice is to set traps. Mice scurry along walls so it is very important to place the trap end near the baseboards.

Mouse Bait of Choice: Peanut Butter


The main factor that brings these critters into your yard is food 90% of the time. They’ll eat pests, your garden, dead animals, trash, rotting wood, or even snakes. The first step to getting rid of a possum is to cut off the food source. It’s important to understand that you need a sealed garbage container to deter these marsupials. You can usually use the urine of a natural predator of theirs to get rid of them, but if that doesn’t work it might be time to call us and inquire about our wildlife animal removal services.

Possum Bait of Choice: Fish


These smell really bad. Do you really want Bingo getting sprayed? Just give us a call and we’ll take care of them for you.


Snakes can be tricky if you don’t know what kind it is. There are six species of venomous snakes in North Carolina: copperhead, cottonmouth, timber rattlesnake, pigmy rattlesnake, diamondback rattlesnake, and eastern coral snake. If the snake in your house or yard doesn’t have a rattle, you’re already down to 3 possible venomous snakes. No worries if you feel uncomfortable as the Bugg Busters are trained to handle any situation.


Squirrels are the most common wildlife invader for homeowners because they’re small and they can climb. They’ll get into your attic and garages and wreak havoc on infrastructure. You might even hear them running around at night while you’re trying to sleep. To prevent squirrels from entering your home, it’s best to trim tree branches that hang onto the roof, remove stacked firewood against your home, and repair any cracks and gaps.

Squirrels Bait of Choice: Peanuts/Peanut Butter Combo

We hope that you learned a thing or two about how the local wildlife interacts with your home. If you are struggling to remove a pest or animal from your home, book an appointment with Bugg Busters below. Remember, that the job isn’t over once the animal is removed… if it got inside there most certainly will be more in the future.

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